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Faro Beaches And Beach Guide

Faro is a calm and pleasant fishing town, which is situated on the central coast of the Algarve. Unlike many of the other resort towns Faro does not have any beaches within walking distance of the city centre and a short bus or ferry ride is required.

Praia de Faro

The stunning beach of the Praia de Faro

This lack beaches within the close vicinity of Faro has enabled Faro to retain its traditional atmosphere and limited it becoming a major package-holiday destination. The region surround Faro does offer some fantastic beaches but all require either the use of public transport or a short drive. This guide will provide an overview of the beaches in the Faro region and highlight the best to visit.

Faro Beaches Overview

The beaches of Faro are located on three long sandbar islands; the Ilha da Culatra on the eastern side, the Ilha da Deserta directly south and the Ilha de Faro southwest of the airport. Each of the islands has long shorelines of golden sands but the levels of development and facilities differ.

Ilha Deserta Faro

The Ilha Deserta Faro

Only the Ilha de Faro is connected to mainland by roads and access to the other two islands is by ferry with a very limited service to the Ilha Deserta. Each of the islands has its own unique appeal and this section will explain about each beach island.

Ilha de Faro and the Praia de Faro Beaches

The Praia de Faro is the most developed of Faro's three main beaches, as it is accessible by road and is connected by a regular bus service. The beach faces the southwest and is exposed to the waves rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean meaning that the beach is good for surfing, body boarding and all other water sports.

The Ria Formosa national park

The Ria Formosa National Park

The beach extends for the 10 km, but the main development is located in the centre of the island close to the only road access point and bridge. The beach can get very busy in the summer and it can be difficult to park. The beach is child and family friendly with lifeguard protection. To read more please click here Ilha da Faro.

The Ilha da Barreta Beach Faro

The long beach on the Ilha da Barreta is the complete opposite to Praia de Faro. The island is commonly referred to as the Ilha Deserta (the Deserted Island) and the name reflects the tranquil peaceful setting. There is just a single building on the island, Estaminé an upmarket seafood restaurant. Along the 9 km golden sand shoreline is Portugal’s most southerly point the Cabo de Santa Maria. One of the factors which keeps the island peaceful is the limited and expensive ferry price.

Ilha da Barreta Faro

The Ilha da Barreta Faro

The Ilha da Barreta is part of the Ria Formosa national park and is a haven for wildlife that includes a large flamingo population. Barreta beach is less suited for children while more aimed for adults who enjoy walks and peace and quiet – that can be sometime difficult to find during the Algarve’s summer months.

The Ilha da Culatra beach Faro

The Ilha da Culatra is the most westerly of Faro’s beach islands and is a medium between the two extremes of the previous beaches. The island is only accessible by ferry but has a permanent population based around two small villages Farol and Culatra. The islands’ sandy beach runs along the entire southern edge of the island and the section closest to Farol on the east can be busy in the summer while the western side is almost deserted. The beach is not suited for surfing but the clean waters are child safe in lifeguard supervised sections.

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