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Faro Airport to Faro City, Bus and Train Station

Faro Airport is the main international airport of the Algarve and southern Portugal. The airport is located 7km to the south-west of Faro city and is just outside the city limits. Considering that Faro airport is the major gateway to southern Portugal, there is very limited public transport that departs directly from the terminals of the airport. This guide will provide details on how to travel from Faro airport to the Faro bus station, train station and city centre by public transport.

Air Tap

Air Tap is the national airline of Portugal

Overview of public transport from Faro airport

There is no railway station close to Faro airport; the nearest railway connection is Faro station, which is located in central Faro. There is a bus stop at Faro airport, but no intercity services depart from here. This means that all visitors who are reliant on public transport to reach their final destination must first travel to the city of Faro, in order to catch onward train or bus services.For a guide to traveling to specific towns from the airport, please click on the corresponding link:

Faro Airport to Albufeira - to Alvor - to Lagos - to Praia da luz - to Praia da Rocha (and Portimão) - to Quarteira - to Tavira - to Vilamoura -

Faro Airport to Faro City by Bus

The local bus services are number 14 and 16, these two routes are the only public transport option to travel from Faro airport to Faro city centre. The number 16 bus route is the more frequent service, as there are only four daily departures of the number 14 bus.

The number 16 bus connects Faro city with the Praia de Faro (Faro beach – click here for a guide to this great beach) and stops midway at the airport. This means that half of the buses that stop at the airport are going in the wrong direction. If the bus displays “Praia de Faro”, it is heading to the beach and not the city centre.



A single ticket costs €2.25, there are no return tickets and the ticket is purchased from the bus driver. If you only have large bank notes (€20 or higher), it is advisable to exchange the large note in the airport shops, as the bus driver is unlikely to have change.

number 16 bus Faro

The number 16 bus in Faro bus station

The bus journey takes only 15 minutes, but as the bus route connects Faro to the best beach of the region, the bus can get very crowded towards the end of the day. As of the summer 2018, there are 26 daily bus departures from the airport, with the first service at 5:20am and the last service at 00:10am (midnight). The published timetable is displayed at the bus stop. There are departures every 30-50 minutes, and the latest timetable can be seen on the Proximo website at:

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Due to traffic in both Faro and the area that surrounds the beach, the bus is sometimes delayed. An easy method to identify if you have missed the bus is to see how many other passengers are waiting there; if there are none then the bus has probably already departed.

number 16 bus Faro

The arrivals lounge in Faro airport

Faro Airport is a relatively small airport and is easy to navigate around, and the bus stop for buses to Faro is very easy to locate. The bus stop is to the left after exiting the arrivals lounge, close to the short stay car park, the bus stop is in the opposite direction to the taxi rank. The actual bus stop is at the end of the second rank, and is marked by the time-table.

A taxi transfer from the Airport to Faro

A taxi transfer from the airport to Faro city centre will cost between €12-15. There will be an extra fee for luggage when it is placed in the boot of the taxi. When taking a taxi from the airport always ensure that the meter is switched on or that a fair price has been agreed.

By law, all taxis must use the meter for all journeys; taxis may try to charge a little extra, but are overall much more honest than the taxis from Lisbon airport. Taxi transfers to all of the Algarve resort towns will be very expensive, so it is advisable to pre-book transfers or take public transport; you will find further advice at the end of this article.

Faro taxis

Faro taxis outside the train station

In Faro….

In Faro the bus station is the final stop of the bus route. The bus stops in the newly constructed “Proximo” bus station, which is for local buses. Faro train station is the penultimate stop of the number 16 bus route, and it’s only a short 200m walk north from the bus station (left when exiting the bus station). To walk to Faro city centre and the historic centre turn right when exiting the bus station.

Proximo bus station Faro

The Proximo bus station in Faro

Unfortunately, the number 16 bus route passes through a very run-down and dilapidated section of the city. The historic section of Faro is very pretty and the city is a safe destination to visit. The first impression most visitors get of Faro when viewed from the bus are very poor, which is a shame for the city.

Onward public transport from Faro

Faro is the main hub for transport through the Algarve. As a generalisation train travel is the recommended means of travel if heading east (Tavira, Monte Gordo and Vila Real) and bus travel is suggested for the west (Vilimerora, Albufeira and Praia da Rocha). The one exception is Lagos for which the train should be caught. Train travel is much more relaxing and there are always seats but the western beach resorts are a long way from the nearest station, (for example Albufeira is 6km south of “Albufeira- Ferreiras” train station) and consequently, a further taxi journey is required.

Algarve train

The train is great when heading east along the Algarve

There are no late night public transport options from Faro city to the resort towns, the last departures for both bus and train (and east and west) are around 19:00-20:00. If you arrive later than this, you will either need a private taxi transfer to the resort, or consider spending a night in Faro. Faro is a very scenic city which is often overlooked by most tourists.

Intercity buses depart from the older “Eva” bus station, which is next to the new open air “Proximo” bus station. Tickets for the intercity routes must be purchased from the ticket office (and not from the bus drivers), so always allow 10-15 minutes to buy the tickets.

faro old bus station

The older EVA bus station, Faro

While purchasing the intercity bus tickets, always confirm the departure bus bay, as currently the services to Vilamoura and Albufeira depart from the street, in-front of the Proximo bus station and not the old bus station. The ticket office staff speak semi-fluent English and can help with most requests. Surrounding the bus station there are plenty of nice cafes, if there is an extended wait for your bus.


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