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Vilamoura Beaches and Beach Guide

Vilamoura is a chic and refined holiday destination that is situated on a wonderful coastline of glorious sandy beaches. There are two main beaches of Vilamoura, the Praia de Vilamoura to the east and the Praia da Falésia to the west, with the marina estuary and the Ribeira de Quarteira river separating them. This article will provide a guide to both beaches, general beach advice and some beautiful photos to help get you excited for your holiday!

Praia da Rocha Baixinha Nascente beach vilamoura

The beautiful Praia de Vilamoura, at low season so don’t expect it this empty!

The Praia de Vilamoura

The Praia de Vilamoura beach is a large sandy beach located between the Vilamoura marina and the fishing port of Quarteira. This is the most popular beach of the region as it is the closest beach to many of the major hotels, which also means it can get very busy during the summer months.



The sea at Praia de Vilamoura has decent waves so that it is possible to surf or body board, but equally there are no strong currents so it is safe for children to splash around in. On the beach sun loungers and parasols can be hired for €15 per day and a drinks and snack service is provided from one of the beach bars.

Praia da Rocha Baixinha Nascente beach vilamoura

Vilamoura beach is a wonderful sand beach

The Praia da Rocha Baixinha Nascente
and the eastern edge of the Praia da Falésia

The eastern edge of the Praia da Falésia is often referred to as the Praia da Rocha Baixinha Nascente and this vast expanse of golden sand is the better beach in Vilamoura, but requires a longer walk from the main tourist centre. The Praia da Falésia extends for over 5 km from Vilamoura to the sleepy fishing town of Olhas d'Agua.

Praia da Rocha Baixinha Nascente beach vilamoura

Praia da Rocha Baixinha Nascente is much larger than Praia de Vilamoura

Falésia beach will always be always much quieter than the Praia de Vilamoura due to the huge size of the beach and the limited tourist development along the coastline. The swell and waves of Praia da Falésia will always be comparable to the Praia de Vilamoura as both beaches face a similar direction but as it is less crowded it is safer to surf or body board.

Praia da Falesia vilamoura

What more can you want from a beach?

The Praia da Falésia is reached by walking around the marina and crossing the bridge that spans the small Ribeira de Quarteira river, from here there are 5km of beach to find you perfect location. During the summer season there is water taxi which removes the 1km harbour walk.

The eastern end of the Praia da Falésia

The eastern edge of the Praia da Falésia is much further than the previous two beaches but the beautiful setting is worthy of the effort. Falésia is known for its distinctive red and white sandstone/clay cliffs and pristine beach, which has surprisingly very little tourist development considering it lies between Vilamoura and Albufeira.

beaches of Vilamoura

The Praia da Falésia is one of the most stunning beaches of the Algarve

The cliffs are at their most pronounced at the western end, close to the relaxed village of Olhos de Agua, which is a 5km walk along the beach from Vilamoura. The eastern side of Falésia is the destination to lose the summer time crowds and discover the true beauty of the Algarve.

Praia de Quarteira

The Praia de Quarteira is the beach that extends along the coastline in front of the town of Quarteira and begins just after the fishing port. This beach is similar to Praia de Vilamoura, with a large expanse of sand and clean sea waters, but is very popular due to the close vicinity of the town and hotels. The main attraction of Praia de Quarteira is the pleasant beach promenade which makes for an enjoyable walk.

beach Quarteira

Praia de Quarteira is another popular sandy beach

Are there better beach holiday destinations than Vilamoura?

It’s all good us providing beautiful adjectives to describe the beaches but often all that is what from a beach guide is confirmation that the beaches of Vilamoura are as good or better than the other Algarve resort towns. The simple answer is Vilamoura’s beaches are some of the best of the Algarve and will be fantastic for the majority of tourists. The main issue with Vilamoura beaches is that they can get very busy in the summer, but to compensate there is the massive Praia da Falésia if space and seclusion is desired.

General Beach Details and advice

The sea temperature of the Algarve and Vilamoura is always surprisingly cold, especially for people new to the region. This cool temperature, which only reaches 16C in the summer is due to the waters being fed from the Atlantic Ocean, instead of the much warmer Mediterranean Sea. If you are planning to spend any extended period in the sea (eg surfing) then a wetsuit is a must.

Sun cream, sun block and sun care treatments are incredibly expensive in Portugal, our advice is to purchase them before your holiday and bring them out with you. On the beach parasols, can be hired for the overly inflated price of 15E per day but these are essential when out under the intense summer sun. Vilamoura has a range of adrenaline inflatable or boat rides including banana boats, ringos and para-sailing, these are booked and depart from the marina.

The beaches of Vilamoura are suitable for children and during the summer season the beach is supervised by lifeguards. Both beaches of Vilamoura are low-lying, with no slopes or stairs to navigate, which means they are suitable for visitors with limited mobility.


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