Day Trip to Silves Portugal

Silves is a charming Portuguese town that was the regions capital during the Moorish rule of the Algarve during the 8-11th century. Silves lies in the rolling hills of the north Algarve and makes for an enjoyable day trip from the major resort towns. For a guide to a day trip to Silves please click here. This guide will provide answers some of the common questions about a visit to Silves.

Is Silves worth visiting?

A definite yes, the town has a very different atmosphere to the beach resorts and is the most accessible traditional Portuguese town close to the eastern resort towns. The ancient castle is a fantastic tourist attraction and the town is a joy to wander around with pretty houses lining cobbled streets.

Silves historic centre

The historic centre of Silves

How long should I stay in Silves?

A day trip is usually sufficient to see all of the sights of the town. A nights stay will allow for a more leisurely exploration, which is useful in the heat of the summer. Silves does offer significantly cheaper accommodation than the coastal towns.



What public transport is there to Silves?

Silves has both train and bus services that connect to the local towns. Silves train station is on the main east west line of the Algarve but the station is 2km south of the historic centre. There is no bus station in Silves and bus stop on the southern side of the town. close to tourist information centre. Bus travel is recommended for local towns (Portimão and beaches) and train travel is better for long distances (Lagos or Faro).

How do I get from faro Airport to Silves?

For public transport take the train. From Faro train station to Silves the journey time is 1 hour 5 minutes, the only issue is that the trains are infrequent with 10 services per day. To travel to Faro train station take a taxi which cost between €12-15. Taxis can be hired but tend to be very expensive, if you need a taxi pre-book it before traveling to Portugal.

Arade River Silves

The Arade River that flows through Silves

I am going to be based in Silves, which is the closest and best beach?

The largest beach close to Silves is the Praia da Rocha just south of Portimão. For a smaller but more picturesque beaches head to Carvoeiro. Both towns are served by bus but if you are based in Silves it is recommended to hire a car.

What’s the best restaurant in Silves?

Café Ingles close to the castle is great for lunches and at the evening the (sometimes) have live music. The Marisqueira Casa Velha serves great value food and is a beautiful tiled house. There are many pleasant open air cafes along the Rua Cruz de Portugal.

 Silves portugal

The view over Silves from the N124-1

I am looking for a wild, party destination with great nightlife and a young crowd is Silves suitable?

No Silves is very traditional, even with the large influx of tourists during the summer. There are pleasant bars and restaurants which do put on live music but Silves is no party destination – try Albufeira or Praia da Rocha.


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